Historical Forest ViewsText Box: One forested acre produces enough oxygen for 18 people every day.
During the course of its life, a single tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide.
Approximately one-third of the Golden Stateís 100 million acres is forests.
Forests provide beauty, recreational opportunities and homes for Californians, as well as for nearly 650 species of fish and wildlife.
California has more forestland than any other state except Alaska, and itís among the top five producers of wood products in the nation.
Californiaís forests provide 110,000 jobs and a total payroll of $4.2 billion annually.
Lumber, furniture and paper are common products, but trees also produce rayon for the clothing industry; lignin that thickens food and cosmetics; torula yeast for baked goods; and flavors and fragrances from tree oils, which are used in foods, beverages, cosmetics and medicine.
       Sources: The Forest Foundation and the California Forestry Association