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This grove, which includes some of the largest and tallest California Coastal Redwoods, is located deep in ‘Redwood National Park’ (RNP) on an alluvial flat surrounded on three sides by a crook in ‘Redwood Creek’. The aerial view below is looking WSW toward the Ocean.

The grove is accessible by a ‘class-3’ (moderate) 16.4-mile round-trip hike, south along the ‘Redwood Creek Trail’, from the parking area near  lower ‘Bald Hills Road’ or by a ’class-5’ (steep)
 2.4-mile round-trip hike from the parking area at the end of a 7-mile gravel access road. That road’s locked entrance gate is located adjacent to upper ‘Bald Hills Road’, but an ‘access permit’ can be obtained from the ‘Redwood Information Center’, west of highway US101, 2 miles south of Orick. 
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Photograph by Michael Nichols