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 This large and remotely concealed valley of redwood groves is located in California's ‘Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park’. It is home to many of the Coastal Redwoods’ species phenomena, or contorted forms. 
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The two redwood formations, immediately above, represent a phenomena found throughout the Coastal Redwoods’ 450 mile range, from the ‘Chetco River’ basin in very southern Oregon to near the southern end of the ’Big Sur’ in central California. These formations are commonly referred to as ’Cathedral Rings’ (when very large) or ’Fairy Rings’ (when smaller), and they are the direct result of this species’ (Sequoia Sempervirens) attempt to repair or restore itself from damage or death resulting from natural affects, environmental affects or the affects of the ‘hands-of-man’. 

‘Sempervirens’ is a Latin term that, in layman’s language, means “forever living”. This phenomena, unique to our Coastal Redwoods, is the result of new growth rising from the ‘bud’ like ’burls’ in the root system or along the trunk of a damaged or fallen redwood tree,  redwood log or redwood tree stump. This new growth, which generally doesn’t begin until many years after, or in some cases a century after a destructive event, is technically not the formation of new trees, but the regrowth of the old tree. The new growth has the same ‘dna’ as the ‘dna’ of the damaged or dead old tree, stump or log. 
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